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The world is my oyster……?


Here I am again with lots of time on my hands and I think to myself maybe I should see losing my job as an opportunity to do something else. The only problem(s) with that is when you have worked in the same place for nearly 16 years it is really difficult to adjust to something else, I have been completely institutionalised by my old job. Doing the same thing at the same time every day. I did enjoy my job though. The major hurdle is I am not physically fit to take on a new role anywhere doing anything. My brain couldn’t handle it and I would really struggle. I’ve had to give up on my Sage training as my brain fog has got so bad I can’t concentrate on anything. I can hardly concentrate on a tv programme!

So in a way, the world is my oyster but I’ve been in the oyster world for nearly a year now and so far it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I keep my eye out for jobs constantly but so far nothing has interested me in the slightest. I think that maybe I am scared of having another boss put me through what I have already been put through. It has been one of the most horrific moments in my life and something that I will never recover from. Even though a year has passed and it’s behind me, I will never get over the way I was treated. I really couldn’t go through that with another employer. I feel I should be looking for the perfect employer, not the perfect job. Maybe I am the perfect employer? I have had ideas about starting up an employment agency for disabled people. But it’s just an idea, one of many that will never come to anything because I do not have the energy or the drive.


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