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Ambition Green Road Sign Over Dramatic Sky and Clouds.

When I am up late a night and unable to sleep. I often think about all the things I could/should do. I have many ambitions, and I always have. The main one used to be to leave Orkney and get away from living a life under the microscope. I would pack up and leave tomorrow but my husband isn’t keen. I do realise Orkney is a great place to bring up your children but there is a lack of opportunities for them and me.

Another ambition is to travel more. There is nothing more I love than being in a different country immersed in a different culture and surrounded by people who speak a different language. Unfortunately being unemployed means that that is on hold for now. It also means that owning our own home is out of reach too. I am happy with what I have in life but there is no harm in having aspirations and dreams.

My main and biggest ambition is to be my own boss. I have no idea how or if I can achieve this but being my own boss is definitely the highest on my list. I have kicked around lots of ideas and plans but I haven’t found anything that will give me a good return on any investment I made. I have been to the Business Gateway with plans and they have agreed to help me create a business plan. But I’ve found as I have researched ideas that it isn’t that easy to recoup profits back from my investment. If I were to borrow money there is too much risk of being unable to make the repayments. So I have decided that to reduce overheads etc it must be something online or that I can do from home. I just need to wait for my brain to kick into gear and come up with the right idea. Part of the reason I write this blog is to help others like myself know that they are not alone. So maybe I need to focus on a business that supports those with different needs than the average person………….



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