Size Matters & you can’t argue with Stupid

Size Matters, so does the amount. Sitting at my desk feeling angry with myself. Frustrated and angry. Again, I dragged my poor body to work. For what I ask? Work is making me ill. I am already chronically ill. and I’ve had a Migraine for a week. Why make my life so hard? Why do… Continue reading Size Matters & you can’t argue with Stupid


Wideford Hill Sunrise

Morning everyone 🌤. Dull and cloudy 🌥 in Kirkwall today. I am back in the office today after a night with no sleep 😵‍💫🙄😫. Predicting a manic day after not having been in for over a week. I can see the pile of work on my desk already. Going to need a lot of cups… Continue reading Wideford Hill Sunrise


Back to work 💼

Back to work today after a whole week off. Dreading opening my laptop. I will however ace the day, no matter how shitey it is. Here are more wise words from Elizabeth Taylor. A strong and unstoppable woman. And some interesting information about her career and personal life.