Size Matters & you can’t argue with Stupid

Size Matters, so does the amount.

Sitting at my desk feeling angry with myself. Frustrated and angry.

Again, I dragged my poor body to work. For what I ask? Work is making me ill. I am already chronically ill. and I’ve had a Migraine for a week.

Why make my life so hard? Why do I treat my body so badly? Because my mind is too strong for my own good. If only my body was. My body is screaming and my mind just ignores its pleas to rest and take it a bit easier. My mind reckons that it’s selfish. How do I get my mind to listen? My mind and body are at war and it’s my body that loses every time.

What’s even more ridiculous is my mind doesn’t want to change it’s happy just the way it is. More ridiculous than that, I have been here before. Too many times to count or mention. Am I a Masochist? Or am I just stupid?

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