It’s tricky

Chronic illness is tricky, you never know what’s going to happen

Thora Allan

Feeling fatigued after the busy few days I’ve had. I haven’t slept well all week either. No sleep at all last night, Thursday or Friday night. I am doing remarkably well considering.

I don’t sleep well at the best of times. I think that is the reason I am unable to sleep at the moment. This is because part of me is excited to see what tasks I will bring myself to attempt the next day, and how much energy I will have to complete them. The other part of me is slightly concerned that tomorrow is going to be the day everything comes crashing down and I end up back to the bedridden zombie that never leaves the house unless she has to go to work.

I don’t want this spell of good health to end. It’s tricky when you have so many good days in a row. You want to enjoy it as much as you can while you have it, but at the same time mentally prepare yourself for when the bad days return.

It is crucial to limit overexertion and not do too much. It’s almost impossible to find the perfect balance, even with more than a decade’s experience under my belt. Insomnia & symptoms from my multiple health conditions make it even more complicated.

Moderation is the key. If a person with fibromyalgia does too much on days when their symptoms are good, they may end up having more bad days. However, on bad days, individuals should still try to be as active as they can. Keeping activity levels as even as possible provides the best outcome.

Still, I managed out for some fresh air this morning.

Hoy Hills covered in snow

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