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A fool for hope


Every night when I go to bed I go with the hope that tomorrow will be the day that I will feel better and every morning I wake up feeling foolish for having that hope. But I feel that I must have hope otherwise what else is there?  If I don’t have hope I will let chronic illness beat me and I hate to be beaten. I never want to give in.

I have so many plans and goals I want to achieve. But the reality is that they may never be within my reach. I have made a point of setting myself realistic goals, Is it wrong to have hopes and dreams? Or am I just setting myself up for a fall?

Is hope the thief of joy?

I even have hope that I will be well enough to clean and tidy the whole house and make it sparkling, play on the floor with my boys, make my husband his tea. I have hope for the small things in life because they are the most important.


3 thoughts on “A fool for hope”

  1. Thanks for your honesty. I hope that writing on this blog will help you clear your thoughts and see yourself as God sees you – precious in his sight. Beautiful, witty and wise. You have much to give and it is clear that you are a talented writer. I look forward to reading many more of your blogs. and I wish you all the best.


  2. Ah. bless you, it must be so hard for you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Sometimes in life we need to admit that we are losing hope so that others can help hold up our hands and encourage us to carry on. Hope is what keeps us going – even the bible says, ‘hope deferred makes the heart sick.’ I wish you all the best in being able to maintain that hope as it is not impossible to be completely healed or healed enough to be able to manage well. but whatever happens, your children will always remember the efforts you made for them and that is one of the most important things – just to know you did your best with the little you had. I wish you well. xx


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