chronic fatigue, Chronic illness, Fibromyalgia, insomnia, invisible illnesses

Take us seriously. Please.


It is time to wipe away the stigma that Fibromyalgia and other invisible illnesses are associated with. I mean really, who would want to pretend to live in constant pain and be chronically fatigued all the time?  I would rather live my life to the full instead of wasting it by faking an illness that is associated with nothing but misery. Don’t you think that if we had the choice we would be out there living our life to the full instead of being bedridden, housebound and jobless?

The lack of awareness and understanding by doctors and health professionals is astounding. There is a complete lack of awareness amongst the whole population, which isn’t their fault. I knew nothing of this disease until someone I knew was diagnosed, and then I was diagnosed shortly after. I had heard the name but knew nothing of the symptoms and hardships associated with the condition or the varying degrees in which folk suffer.

So much more research needs to be done on ALL autoimmune diseases. The NHS has a responsibility to take these illnesses as seriously as other visible conditions. It is almost like their view is, you can’t see it therefore it doesn’t exist. Many other invisible conditions are taken more seriously even though they are not always visible. Why not Fibromyalgia?

If the government and NHS took these conditions more seriously and really got behind them it would help to create public awareness which I think in turn would encourage more people to donate money to the associated charities. More donations mean more research could be conducted.

Sadly, I see no “cure” or any effective treatment being discovered in my lifetime.


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