Good friends = Good times = Memories


Just back from an absolutely fantastic weekend away. Just what I needed. I have a great friend that let me stay with her for a few days. We don’t see each other often but when we do it’s like old times.

The weekend kicked off with a day at The Golf View Spa in Nairn. We had a really relaxing day using the sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and hot tub followed by high tea and a nice relaxing treatment afterwards.

Saturday we went clothes shopping and I spent far too much money in Lush. I am a complete Lush junkie and it was money well spent, then we stuffed our faces in Macdonald’s.

Sunday we went to watch Inverness City Roller Derby V Granite City play at the Inverness leisure centre. It was their first home game and an absolute delight to watch both teams play. Inverness won! Their gameplay was amazing. If I could be half as good as them I would be happy. Their best Jammer was so impressive and I was completely blown away and absolutely mesmerised by her performance. The whole team was solid and all the hard work they put in really showed. It was great to be there and watch their first home game. Afterwards, my friends and I got our skates on and joined in the roller disco. Great times whizzing around the arena and listening to some tunes!

Absolutely buzzing after a fun weekend!

A weekend to remember! Good times!


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