I have been unemployed for nearly a year now and the longer I am unemployed the more devalued I feel and the more devalued I am becoming as a potential employee. Losing my job because of my illness has completely devalued me as a person. I feel like I have gone from a heavy old 50p from the 1990’s which has been replaced with the newer, lighter, more inferior version. Like a stock that has plummeted in value.

Losing my job has effected my chances of gaining employment in the future for certain. I realise that there are laws against discrimination but I don’t think that’s enough to help my chances of starting a new job or career. Like I said I feel completely devalued. Any potential employer is going to be most interested as to why after 15 years I parted ways with my previous employer. It wasn’t my choice, that choice was made for me. By my employer. I have applied for a few jobs and only heard back from one with a letter saying I didn’t qualify for an interview. Am I unemployable because of my illness? Or is it because there is a gap in my employment? Has my previous employer not recommended me for any positions I have applied for?

My stock has been devalued, I have been devalued. Thrown on the scrapheap without a second thought for the devastation that it would and has caused. 15 years wasted.


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