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It is seldom that I feel truly happy. My 2 young boys are the greatest source of joy. They make me smile every day and help me see light where there is darkness.

This week has been an exceptionally happy week for me, despite it starting with me having to say goodbye to my 2 boys on Monday as they left to go to Sanday to stay with their grandparents for 2 weeks.

I have made a conscious effort to plan things to keep me busy and my mind off missing the boys for 2 weeks. Firstly I had a driving lesson on Tuesday which I enjoyed. I wish I had started lessons years ago. I am not the best driver by far but I am hopeful I can pass my test and I can see that it is within my reach in the future. More driving practice in the evening with my husband. On Wednesday I met with friends and their children and had a good catch-up with them which we haven’t done for months. Then on Thursday, I visited my beauty therapist to get my brows and eyelashes done. I love going to see her as she is always happy and upbeat and we always have a good chat and I leave feeling good. After that, I went down the town to meet one of my new roller derby friends. She too suffers from 2 chronic health conditions and it was so refreshing to have a bite to eat and a nice long chat with someone who completely gets me and understands me for me and how chronic illness no matter which kind is a full-time job. She made me some inspirational bracelets and a cool roller skate bearing necklace which I love. The bracelets she made me give me a constant reminder of how strong I am and that I am a fighter. I feel really lucky to have met someone as kind and as genuine as her. Friday night my husband and I went over to my parent’s house for a steak dinner which was delicious, we finished the meal off with a few drinks. After we left there my husband and I went for a wander down to the pubs and enjoyed some time together as a couple along with a few drinks. The perfect end to a perfect evening and what I would say has been one of the most perfect weeks I have experienced in months. So thank you to the people who contributed to making my week a happy one and it’s not over yet.


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