chronic fatigue, Chronic illness, Fibromyalgia, invisible illnesses


oneAfter I wrote my very first blog I felt liberated and I also felt lighter as if I’d finally offloaded and revealed my “act”. I felt like I didn’t have to hide things anymore. I even got a few positive comments about how brave I have been and how well-written it was. It made me feel validated. The comments made me cry happy tears as I felt like people were finally seeing me and understanding me and not only that, they were praising me and that felt good.

But now I have offloaded and revealed a lot of personal things about what my life is really like as a person juggling 2 chronic illnesses and a family. Despite the support and feedback from friends, I feel empty. When I started the blog I felt positive and liberated but now for some reason, I just feel empty. The feelings of positivity, liberation and euphoria have quickly faded and I have resumed my normal service. I am not sure why I feel so empty. I also feel raw and vulnerable. Maybe it is because I have taken my mask off. Have I revealed too much? Or have I just held in things for too long? It is hard to say………………….


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