“But you don’t look sick”

“But you don't look 👀 sick” You are right. I don't. I have just arrived home after work. After having no sleep last night I have a full-blown Migraine. This is what people see when they see me in public. This made up, smiley, always a happy person. Bubbly, bouncy, happy go lucky and always… Continue reading “But you don’t look sick”

Fibromyalgia, Orkney

A lunchtime stroll doon Kirkwall Harbour

What a beautiful day it has been. This is a video from my lunchtime stroll down at my favourite place in Kirkwall ⚓⛵❤️ I always like to visit the Harbour as much as I can. If I am well enough to go or not, I do my best to go, just to be near the… Continue reading A lunchtime stroll doon Kirkwall Harbour