Can I create a habit?

What is the 21/90 rule? Basically, it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to make it part of your lifestyle. After you complete the 90 days, the habit will be as much a part of your daily lifestyle as brushing your teeth.

Here goes. I am more than 21 days into a “good spell” and I am wondering if I can make some bits of it part of my lifestyle. This won’t be easy as my body dictates what I am capable of. The parts of this “good spell” I am enjoying most are spending more time with my boys, laying in bed less, getting out of the house every day. No more weekends couped up indoors laying about in my pjs.

Can it be done? Is it possible? Can I trick my mind and my body?

Depression affects me physically. Add that to 3 chronic conditions it’s no wonder I’m depressed. When I am low I don’t always notice just how bad an effect it has on me.

I think that it’s possible to ride this good spell a little longer….. 💜


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