The parts of me you took

The parts of me you took, made me unstable and left me shook

The parts of me you broke, left me breathless, made me choke

The parts of me you hurt, made fall down, left in the dirt.

My heart you shattered, left in pieces, bruised and battered

Taking my kind heart, taking my soul, it was your only goal.

Now we act like strangers, like somebody you used to know. In spite of this, I learned to grow

Did it make you feel good? Pretending I couldn’t be understood?

Did it put you up higher calling me a liar?

All I did was become ill. My misfortune, it gave you a thrill.

I transformed, I evolved. Some of my problems solved.

You are in the same space, the same place.

For that I am sad. Despite you treating me so bad.

I wish you no harm, I feel no smarm

All I want now is you to get better somehow.

You need to learn from the past, don’t let the ill feeling last.

I think of you often. I miss all we had. Despite all that happened. I no longer feel sad.


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