The Seven Stages of Fibromyalgia, it it progressive? As a sufferer for over a decade, I think so.

Drs and specialists will argue that Fibromyalgia isn’t progressive. I don’t share their opinion. Having lived with this condition for over a decade I believe it to be progressive. I am far more unwell and effected by this illness than I was at the start of my journey.

I think that our bodies reach a stage where they can no longer cope with the high levels of pain which our Drs refuse to manage.

Being in long term pain literally changes the structure of our brains. Chronic pain reduces the volume of gray matter in our brains. Grey matter is the area of the brain which controls learning, attention, memory, thought processes, motor control and coordination. This means that chronic pain patients can have problems with memory processing, learning new things, keeping their attention focused on one task, thinking through problems and finding solutions.

I often wonder had my chronic pain been properly managed by my Drs and specialists, would I be in better health? Both physically and mentally.

What do you think? Do you think Fibromyalgia is progressive?


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