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Change of Vocation – Presentation and job interview.

New job? Tomorrow the world?

Finally! I have learned not to stress so much. I had a wee panic last night. But managed to get up this morning with the right attitude. Grabbed the bull by the horns and kicked its arse.

I had a little stress afterwards about what I could have and should have done. Then I realised…. There is absolutely no point in stressing out about it now. I can’t change it. It’s happened. It’s past. What I can change is my attitude and reaction towards it. I am choosing to remain in the positive zone. It serves me far better than the criticising zone.

What will be will be. I’ve done my part, given it my best shot. And if it doesn’t work out? Oh well? 🤷‍♀️ There could be something better waiting around the corner for me. Maybe this isn’t my time? Whatever happens, I am confident that my time will come. I just have to be patient. 💜

Don’t stress over the things which you cannot control.

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