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goalsI think that it is really important to have goals in life even if you are chronically ill.

My most important goal in life is to be the best mum I can be to my 2 boys. Being a mum when you are chronically ill is challenging. There are a lot of things I want to do with my boys but my illness gets in the way, and it gets in the way a lot more than I would like it to. It is extremely important to me that as they grow and get older they understand why I am not like the “other mums”. At the moment they are too young to fully understand why their mum is different to other mums. I find it extremely upsetting when they ask me why I can’t do certain things. I hope that in the future I can educate them on the reality of the effects of chronic illness.

My second most important goal is to be my own boss and be successful in the career path that I have chosen. It is something that I am working towards and I hope my goal in this is achievable. I have high hopes that my dreams can become reality.

Of course one of my goals is to be “well” again but I know that this goal is something that may never become reality but there is always hope that my health may improve someday. Without hope things are dark, I do have dark days but I always have hope in the background. I don’t just want to be well for myself. I want to be well for my husband and my 2 boys. When I got married I was well and I have changed. My husband has me in health and now he has to deal with me in sickness.

Have goals, and write them down. They might not always be achievable but it is something to focus on. I always have a mix of ones I know that I can achieve and ones that I can work towards.


1 thought on “Goals”

  1. Oops, sorry! I asked you on one of your other blogs what you are suffering from. I never noticed your sub-heading about Fibromyalgia. It’s a hidden illness like you say. I am so sorry that you are suffering from this. I have a friend who has been afflicted with this for quite a while so I have a little understanding of how debilitating it can be. I really hope that you will be well again soon but I understand that you must be struggling with hope in this area.


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