I am chronically ill, I can’t have hopes & dreams, can I?

This is an important one to remember and one I should take heed of myself. It sucks that we have to pay for having a life by trying to make each day count like “normal” people do.

We must learn acceptance. Some days are about making it to the next one and that’s OK.

Over a decade in I still battle with acceptance. It’s like a continuous cycle of grief for me. Missing all I have lost, all I could have been. My hope and dreams as a healthy people forever lost.


Now I have new hopes and dreams. I see life from a different perspective.

Now if I have a goal that only a healthy person could reach. I approach it from a different angle. I spend time figuring out how a person with chronic illness could not only reach that goal but smash it 🙌💜💪

Don’t lose hope. There will be dark days, weeks, months, even years.

Don’t let your health deter you from making goals. Have your hopes, wishes and dreams. Learn to adapt them in the same way you have adapted to the environment around you.

chronicillness #hopes #dreams #goals #wishes #grief #awholenewworld #perspective #cycleofgrief


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