Whitemill Bay, Sanday, Orkney Islands 2022

Whitemill Bay, Sanday, Orkney Islands

Located on the north end of the island. Whitemill Bay is my favourite beach in Sanday. All of them are spectacular, but this one is my absolute favourite. Breathtakingly beautiful, with its white sand and clear blue water. It could easily be mistaken for a beach in Greece.

On Tuesday we went to the beach. After having just spent 3 busy days, crammed with activities and outings, I wasn’t in the mood to go anywhere. Let alone somewhere like a beach. Which would have meant hauling – towels, trunks, sunscreen, change of clothes, buckets, spades and plenty of food for the boys to eat, to the beach. Then gathering it all up and taking it home again. I would rather have stayed in bed, resting.

I peeled myself out of the bed and started gathering all the things we needed to take with us, including my notebook. I’d planned to sit by the sea and write my presentation that is due this coming Friday. Instead of doing what I had planned, I ended up taking photos and videos instead. I gathered hundreds of photographs. Whitemill is such a peaceful place to be. I wandered along the coastline listening to the waves gently lapping on the shore. It was so peaceful there. I felt lighter after a short walk. The stiffness had eased a little and my mood was lifted. I felt refreshed and calm. I sat down on the bench and closed my eyes. I could feel the stresses and strains over the past 18 months slowly leave my mind and body. My brain was no longer going 100mph. It was calm and still, living in the moment. Drinking in the beautiful surroundings.

Back to work tomorrow. I have set aside the whole day to work on my presentation, which I must deliver at 11 am on Friday. I absolutely hate doing things last minute. I like to make sure that I am always prepared and well-rehearsed. I can wing things if I need to but this is really important to me and I don’t want it to be a disaster because I was ill-prepared.

It’s 0401. I must try to get some sleep soon, Getting up and out of bed, tomorrow is going to be a challenge. My pain levels are high after our short holiday in Sanday. The pain and fatigue was it though. It was nice being able to spend some quality time with my boys. It’s made me realise that we should do it more often.

“Spending time with your family is important. No amount of money or success can replace it. Get outside, go places, go on that trip. Create memories with the ones you hold dear”.

Below is a video of Whitemill Bay, which I created on TikTok ↘️↘️↘️


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