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All that stress and anxiety for no reason

So after waiting for nearly a week for my Dr to call. They didn’t call on Friday like they said they would.

I have spent most of the week anxiety-riddled, stressed and unable to sleep because of this medication review.

The reason I am so anxious about this review is because of the NICE recommendations for chronic pain. Which are antidepressants and exercise. One of the last times I called the Dr about my unbearable pain she quoted them to me and offered me an antidepressant.

I have lived with chronic pain for 10 years and have tried so many different types of medication and in every combination possible. Antidepressants don’t help my pain. The Drs don’t listen. The only thing that has helped a little is opiate medication. They refuse to up the dose to the level I need.

I feel so stuck. What am I supposed to do? Where am I supposed to turn for help if my own Drs aren’t willing to prescribe me the medication I need.

Being in relentless pain day in and day out is depressing and I have become deeply depressed because of the situation I am in.

Chronic pain patients have a right to proper health care like anyone else yet we are left untreated and left to just get on with it. It’s both barbaric and medical negligence.

Our voices aren’t being heard. It doesn’t matter how loud we shout or how many of us shout. When it comes to health care for chronic pain we are gaslighted, fobbed or ignored.

I wish that I could have a bigger impact to help not only myself but the whole community. Because this is no way to live


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