Anxiety through the roof

Last week I got a letter which sent my anxiety through the roof and I have barely slept since.

It was a letter inviting me to make an appointment to review my opiate medication. They have never in 10 years made such a request. There’s normally a note on your reorder slip stating – to call your GP for more of your medication.

Why am I so anxious you might wonder? One word NICE – National Institute for Healthcare and Excellence. They published new guidelines this year for the recommended treatment of Chronic Pain patients. Instead of painkillers i.e Opiate medication. GPs are to prescribe antidepressants and exercise. If you are a Chronic Pain sufferer like myself I am sure that you will be outraged by what NICE are recommending. People are having their medications taken away from them because of this and it has created fear within our community.

These recommendations are the reason my anxiety is through the roof. I am ready for a battle with my GP. If I lose what do I do? I don’t have the energy to fight and make an appointment with every single GP at my practice to be told the same thing.

I could be worrying about nothing. But if I am right and they do take my pain medication away. Where do I turn? The last time I rang my GP about my pain it did not go well. I told her that the pain was so bad I was screaming at night and gripping the mattress the pain was so unbearable. Her solution was to take an extra 1/2 an Amitriptyline tablet which is an antidepressant. Did it help? No. I knew that it wouldn’t.

How can this be allowed to happen in our society? Chronic Pain patients are being left to suffer. It’s barbaric and inhumane.

I write this blog to create awareness and understanding and as a means of support for others in my community.

I only wish I could have more of an impact.

I would appreciate it if you could sign this petition if you haven’t already.


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