WelcoMe app by Neatebox

WelcoMe App

Why use WelcoMe
We are living in truly challenging times and understandably you are anxious about how you will begin to engage with the world outside your home.

We understand this and want every shop or venue you go to offer you not only the service you need but also deliver it in a way that reduces your anxiety and increases your confidence in their ability to deliver this level of service every time.

We aim to make the WelcoMe App your key to unlocking safety and security in your arrival at every participating destination. The venue gets notified of your visit and receive an overview and top tips for customer success to aid their interaction with you.

Simply let your intended destination know of your intention to visit and your phone will do the rest from your pocket helping them help you when you arrive and making sure you get the very best service delivered in a way that is specific to your needs.

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