Diary of living with Fibromyalgia

August 24th

Today I decided to start writing a daily diary of what it is like living with this condition each day. To give not only other an idea of what living with this illness is like but also as a reference for my own reflection. Something for me to look back at and gauge my progress or lack thereof.

August 25th

Well, it’s 3 am and I am still awake. I haven’t had a wink of sleep yet. My hands, wrists and arms are aching from too much typing. I also have too many ideas racing around my head and I can’t switch my brain off. I am going to try to sleep soon after I have covered my body in as much Ibuprofen gel as I can. I will also try my Magnesium spray and gel. I have CBD balm too which I have will try on my forehead as I have a migraine coming on. More often than not, when I have a migraine coming on there is nothing I can do to stop it despite all the different pills and potions I have to make it retreat.